The National Association of Phlebotomy Technicians (NAPT) Announces Revitalization of Professional Certification for Phlebotomy Technicians

Contact: Derik Brian, Managing Director | [email protected]

South Jordan, UT —National Association of Phlebotomy Technicians (NAPT) ( revealed today the organization’s formal partnerships with Limitless Association Solution Resource, LLC ( & Assessment Education and Research Experts ( to coordinate and propel comprehensive revitalization of the NPCA & NAPT’s Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) certification program.

Patients, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and blood donation facilities around the world rely on the professionalism and expertise of phlebotomy technicians, daily.  Primarily responsible for drawing blood, phlebotomy technicians are often the patient’s first and only contact in the medical laboratory setting, meaning the technician is also tasked with duties outside the realm of their primary purpose. The phlebotomy technician’s role typically includes patient intake and consultation, appropriate specimen collection, storage and labeling, record-keeping, and more.

The NAPT was founded in 2013 by a group of phlebotomy and laboratory science experts who identified the need for phlebotomy focused certification (the voluntary process whereby an individual may earn a renewable credential after validated demonstration of their ability to meet predetermined standardized phlebotomy specific criteria). This resulted in the birth of the Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) program in 2014, since which over 5000 of phlebotomy technicians have earned the credential.

The field of phlebotomy is ever-evolving and it is crucial for technicians to keep up with the trending industry practices and technological advancements. NAPT’s certification program offers a nationally recognized certification program that raises the bar for excellence in patient care while affording employers a pool of candidates who’ve proven their ability through certifying examination, and providing certificants with more confidence, job satisfaction, and increased employment marketability.

Since CPT program inception, the NAPT has diligently maintained program currency, consistency and validity through a variety of standardized professional and psychometric methods. In their effort to further ensure and expand upon the program’s overall validity and integrity, they will revitalize the certification by overhauling the entire program through their new testing and program management partnerships.

Although the revitalized certification examinations won’t be available to interested candidates until mid-summer, 2020, the NAPT will be hard at work piecing together all the building blocks necessary for program readiness and success. In fact, you can be part of that success by volunteering as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to assist with the NAPT with test development processes. SMEs will be needed for examination content outline creation, item writing (establishing the examination questions), and more. There will be an item writing workshop held year round. If you’d like to learn more, share your expertise, and contribute to the advancement of the field of phlebotomy, please contact (Derik Brian –  [email protected]). The NAPT will be covering travel and accommodation costs for chosen participants.

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