Keep your certification current. It’s good for patients and your career!


The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. With that growth, it is becoming more and more regulated. Numerous states across the nation are beginning to require verified certifications for health professions. Often times your employer will require you to not only possess a National Certification, but also maintain it!

The NHCO requires the level of understanding of phlebotomy to never deteriorate. With this standard and expectation put in place it is required to continue professional development and strengthen the candidate’s individual knowledge and professional skills. Continuing education allows candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to assure the public that they have met current professional standards and qualifications required to maintain certification.

The purpose of continuing education, or employment in the field, is to maintain your high level of training and certification. In order to do this, you will need 12 hours of continuing education every 2 years. If you have 1,040 hours of verified work experience in the prior two years you can renew without doing continuing education. This is part time work, consisting of 520 hours per year.

The procedure to maintain your certification is to complete the continuing education or employment time, and to fill out the NHCO recertification application located here.

The rationale behind recertification is simple. Maintain what you have learned, and keep your skills honed and ready. In the medical industry, it is important to do so, most companies require it, and it is an industry norm to do so.

Keeping your certification current demonstrates your commitment to your chosen profession and to the safety of your patients.  We accept continuing education from LabCE