Are you hiring students from legitimate schools who properly train your potential new hires? 

Educators, employers and economists consider good medical staffing to be the most competitive market for patient retention, customer service and overall patient care. It is vital that your staff be well trained and appropriately certified.

The National Healthcare Certification Organization, takes the guess work out of who you hire by ensuring that the programs who are authorized and affiliated with NHCO are well qualified to train and test your potential employees. These school go through a rigourous initial screening process, and then an annual review.

A great amount of time is spent looking at each school, their teaching style, length of their program, and overall scope of information before they are approved to be an affiliate with NHCO.

This ensures that when someone you interview provides you with their NHCO Certification you can be assured that they have the baseline knowledge and skill set to be a great employee for you right out of the gate.